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Version 1.0 is up! Typos fixed, a few lines edited, and title screen replaced.

You play as Miyahara, Manami Sangaku's classmate and childhood friend. Why does Manami keep asking you to race him? Find out in this short Yowamushi Pedal fan game made for #iluJam!

Game info:

  • Play time is 5-15 minutes.
  • There are 4 neutral endings, 1 sad ending, and 1 happy ending. A route guide is posted below.

All artwork is from the anime. I do not own Yowamushi Pedal or profit from this fan game.

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And now, an ending guide! Endings depend on whether you say yes to Manami, on what you talk about with Onoda, and if you decide to give up on Manami.

  1. Neutral: select "Fine, but I want you to race like you mean it."
  2. Sad: select "Wait for his apology".
  3. Neutral: select "Definitely not!".
  4. Neutral-Onoda: When talking to Onoda, you must congratulate him. Later, select "You know what? Let's get it over with!" (Note that when you talk to Onoda about himself, the choice to give up or go on with your crush on Manami is skipped--you automatically will give up).
  5. Neutral: When talking to Onoda, ask where Manami is. Then give up on your feelings. Towards the end, select "You know what? Let's get it over
  6. Happy: When talking to Onoda, ask where Manami is. DO NOT give up on your feelings. And towards the end, select "You know what? Let's get it over with!"

Install instructions

Download your version, unzip, then click on the Manami icon to play.

For Android: The game is optimized for Android 4.0+, 480p screen. Before installing, make sure Settings>Security>Unknown sources is set to On. (After installing, set it to Off!)


WillYouRaceMe-1.0-win.zip 20 MB
WillYouRaceMe-1.0-mac.zip 18 MB
WillYouRaceMe-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 21 MB
WillYouRaceMe-1.0-android.apk 16 MB

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